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Hi again my friends, today it's very special to me because this post is going to tell you a lot of things about the city in which I was born, León (Spain) a beautiful and very special city in Castilla and León. I hope you'll like it and so you will visit León as soon as possible!

Hola otra vez amigos, hoy es muy especial para mí porque esta publicación va a contaros muchas cosas de la ciudad en la que nací, León (España) una ciudad bonita y  muy especial en Castilla y León. Espero que os guste y que por tanto visitéis León tan pronto como os sea posible.



León is the capital of the province of León, located in the northwest of Spain.   It was founded as the military encampment of the Legio VI Victrix around 29 B.C. The Romans established the site of the city to protect the recently conquered territories of northwestern Hispania from the Astures and Cantabri, and to secure the transport of gold extracted in the province, especially in the huge nearby mines of Las Médulas.

The post-Roman history of the city is largely the history of the Kingdom of León which resisted the attacks of Visigoths until AD 586 when it was taken by Leovigild.

During the Umayyad conquest of Hispania, in 715 Tariq advanced from the area of La Rioja towards Astorga and León. Iberia rebelled against the Arabs and gave up their positions to join the revolt around 740.  Towards the year 846 a group of Mozarabs  (Christians who did not flee from Muslims and lived under the Muslim regime) tried to repopulate the city  but a Muslim attack prevented that initiative. Finally Alfonso III of León and García I made León city capital of the Kingdom of León and the most important of the Christian cities in Iberia.

In 910, León became the capital of the Kingdom of León and took  an active part in the Reconquista against the Moors.  In 1188, the city hosted the first Parliament in European history under the reign of Alfonso IX.

In 2010 León was named as the craddle of Parliamentarism and the Decreta of León was included in the Memory of the World registered by UNESCO in 2013.

León historical and architectural heritage as well as the numerous festivals hosted throughout the year and its location on the Camino de Santiago, which is ranked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, make it a destination of both domestic and international tourism.


Some of the most important buildings are the Cathedral, the finest example of classic Gothic architecture in Spain, the Basilica of San Isidoro, one of the most important Romanesque churches in Spain and the resting place of Leon's medieval monarchs, the Monastery of San Marcos, a prime example of plateresque and Renaissance Spanish architecture, and the Casa Botines, a Modernist creation of the architect, Antonio Gaudí. An example of modern architecture is the city's Museum of Contemporary Arto or MUSAC.

The Walls, built in the 1st century BC and enlarged in the 3rd and 4th centuries.

The Palace of Guzmanes, the site of the provincial parliament. It contains "a patio" in the plateresque style by Gil de Hontañón.

La Plaza Mayor, Plaza del Grano, the Barrio Húmedo (the partying and drinking area).
The Palace of Marqueses de Prado, a 17th century Baroque building, currently the Hospital of Ntra. Sra. de Regla.
The Palace of Conde Luna (14th century).
Church of San Salvador, the most ancient in the city (10th century).
The Church of San Juan and San Pedro de Renueva dating to 1944-1970 but including a 18th century Baroque façade taken from the ruined monastery of San Pedro de Eslonza.
The Museum of León which contains a collection of prehistorical tools and art from the Roman, Medieval and Modern periods.
The Museum Sierra-Pambley, a house from the Age of the Enlightment.
-The University of León.


Leonese customs include the Semana Santa (Holy Week) featuring numerous processions through the centre of the city.

The San Juan and San Pedro festivities are also remarkable, celebrated during the last week of June. During these days (between June 23-29) several concerts and festivals take place and the whole city is occupied by terraces and street markets where Leonese people celebrate the beginning of the summer, especially on San Juan's night.

And many more...


Within the wide range of Leonese cuisine the most representative dishes are: cecina (cured, smoked beef), morcilla (a variant of blood sausage), botillo , garlic soup and cocido leonés among others.

A very important part of the gastronomy in León are "the tapas", which are usually given for free with the drinks, unlike in the rest of Spain.  It's very common to go "de tapas" or "tapear" just before lunch or as a form of dinner.


So, visit LEÓN and you will be received by friendly and lovely people.
Hotels, bars, restaurants, markets are full of friendly people who want you to go and see the wonders of León!

What are you waiting for?  León is waiting for you at any time!

As I have said at the beginning I was born in León and I'm very proud of this although I have to say that it was because of my father's job and when I was a little child (two years old)  my parents moved to Madrid, where my family was living and it has been my second birthplace since then! I love León and Madrid too!!! They are both my hometown!


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Hi my dear friends, today we are going to practice some grammar exercises. First, an article to complete and then another one to choose the best option. Are you ready? Let's go!

Hola mis queridos amigos, hoy vamos a practicar algunos ejercicios gramaticales. Primero, un artículo para completar y después otro para elegir la mejor opción. ¿Estáis preparados? ¡Pues vamos!




                                             TOO MUCH FAST FOOD?

According to a recent survey, Hong Kong consumers (1)______ more money on convenience foods since the economic downturn. Because companies are trying to make do with fewer staff, employees (2)_____harder than ever before.  More women (3)____ the workforce as well.  They (4)____ less time to prepare nutritious home-cooked meals for their families.  Instead, families (5) ____out or (6) ____ convenience foods, such as frozen pizzas and instant noodles.
These foods (7)____ more fat, salt and sugar than home-cooked meals.  Experts say that eating too much of them (8)____ the risk of serious health problems, including diabetes and heart disease.

However, the trend towards convenience foods (9)____ some business sectors.  Supermarkets (10)____ to the higher demand for quick, easy-to-serve meals by increasing their selection of convenience and pre-packaged foods.  These products often (11)____ for higher prices than fresh food.  Restaurants also (12)____ from the trend:  most Hong Kong people now (13)____ out at least once a day.

Is convenience food just a fad or is home-cooked food (14)____ a thing of the past?
How is this trend (15)____ our health?

1 A are spending  B will spend  C spent  D spends
2 A be working    B are working C works  D worked
3 A is joining  B are joining  C will join  D joining
4 A have had  B had  C having  D have
5 A be eating  B eats  C eat  D eating
6 A bought  B buying  C buy  D be buying
7 A containing  B contains  C contained  D contain
8 A increased  B increases  C increasing  D increase
9 A are bebefitting  B benefitted  C will be  D is beneffiting
10 A responding  B are responding  C responds  D will respond
11 A sells  B sell  C selling  D sold
12 A be progiting  B profit  C were profiting  D profits
13 A were eating  B have eaten  C eat  D ate
14 A becoming  B become  C became  D is becoming
15 A affect  B affecting  C affected  D affects


1 Marie-Claude isn't a Canadian. I _______ she comes from France.
A believe  B am believing

2 Look!  Junko _____ into the water.
A jumps  B is jumping

3 I ____ you're crazy!
A think  B am thinking

4 Don't give Jan any cheese.  She _____it!
A hates  B is hating

5 I _____ to Toronto next Thursday.  Do you want to come?
A go  B am going

6 Once a week, I____ to an art class at the college.
A go  B  am going

7 I_____ lunch in the cafeteria every day.
A have  B  am having

8 Peter is rich, he _____a Mercedes.
A drives  B is driving

9 You won't find Jerry at home right now. He _____ in the library.
A sudies  B is studying

10 It ____ quite hard. Perhaps we shouldn't go out tonight.
A snows  B is snowing.



1 A      2 B     3 B     4 D     5 C     6 C     7 D     8 B     9 D     10 B     11 B     12 B     13 C

14 A     15 B

1 A    2 B    3 A    4 A    5 B    6 A    7 A    8 A    9 B    10 B




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Hi my dear friends. Are you fond of Star Wars films and memorabilia? Today we are going to see a Wax Museum, one of the most important wax museums in the world "Madame Tussaud's" in London and we will look at Star Wars!

Hola mis queridos amigos. ¿Sois aficionados a las películas de Star Wars y todo lo que hay a su alrededor? Hoy vamos a ver un Museo de Cera, uno de los Museos de Cera más importantes del mundo, "el Museo de Cera de Madame Tussaud" en Londres y miraremos a Star Wars.

Information from Speak Up magazine


May the force be with you! This is because a galactic adventure has landed in London.  An exhibition at Madame Tussauds is an absolute must for "Star Wars fans".  This multi-million pound attraction showcases some of the most famous scenes and characters from the iconic movie series (particularly episodes I-IV)

The attraction was created in collaboration with Disney and Lucasfilm.  A team of 180 sculptors, hair artists and colourists worked intensively over the course of a year.  The result is an entertaining interactive experience featuring authentic walk-in sets and 16 of the famous heroes and villains in exact wax replicas.  Visitors can pose for selfies with all of them, from the tiny Yoda in his swampy home, to the Wookiee giant Chewbacca.

The phenomenal success of the Star Wars  film series with the most recent edition, has inspired this permanent Star War exhibit.

Madame Tussauds is famous for its amazingly life-like wax figures so it was a challenge for the museum to create all the intricate details that the fans know and love about Star Wars.  The Chewbacca, for instance, was recreated with real yak hair and all those hairs are individually inserted so it took a team of six over a thousand hours to complete that figure.

The scenery is also impressive because everything is absolutely accurate at Madame Tussauds so they are the exact size that those people were in the movie, hair, eye colour, skin colour, obviously from Yoda, he's not human, so  h'es like a little three-foot tall creature.  Everything is absolutely authentic to the movies, so you'll feel like you're being immersed into those scenes.

The attraction isn't only a feast for the eyes because one of the most amazing things is the sound. They've got all the original scores from the movies and those iconic soundtracks that people know so when you enter the attraction, you're in the Duel of Fates' scene.  There's a double-height fibre optic tower that represents the large plasma, pulsing electricity cylinders. You can sit in the Cantina Bar and you get the very famous Cantina Bar music in there, there's fog effects, mist effects, there's smells in Dagobah...
In Jabba's Palace, the floor vibrates and the pattern on there is an exact replica of the one used in the movie.


The "Star Wars Madame Tussauds" attraction covers two floors with 11 separate sets.  The largest replicate is the epic lighsaber battle involving Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn and Darth Wader (the Duel of the Fates)


The Star Wars exhibit was launched last May. It was an interesting addition to a collection that has been entertaining Londoners since the early 19th century.  Marie Tussaud began making wax models of the decapitated heads of victims of the French Revolution.  She later took these models on tour around Europe and ended up in London, where she opened a museum (in Baker Street)  in 1835.  The emphasis gradually shifted to celebrities.  Today the nine themed areas include "Party" (with, for example, Nicole Kidman, George Clooney and Brad Pitt), "Film" (with Terminator Arnold Schwarzeneger, among others)  and "Royals" (Her Majesty Queen Elizabethh II, of course).


Madame Tussauds has been on Marylebone Road for over 100 years.  It's just a few minutes walk from the Baker Street Underground station.

Entry to Star Wars at Madame Tussauds is included in the main admission price.

You can book online, too : www.madametussauds.com/london 



-TO SHOWCASE:  exhibir.
-HAIR ARTIST: peluquero.
-WAX: cera.
-SWAMPY: pantanoso.
-ADDITION: incorporación.
-TO SHIFT: cambiar, desplazar.
-TO OVERCOME: superar.
-LIFE-LIKE WAX FIGRE: figura de cera realista.
-SCORE: partitura.
-SOUNDTRACK: banda sonora.
-FOG EFFECTS: efectos de niebla.
-MIST: neblina.




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Hi my dear friends, I'm here again after Christmas holidays and to speak about "Lego", the Lego empire and Lego bricks.  A lot of people are fond of these little bricks and constructions, so let's know more about them!

Hola mis queridos amigos, aquí estoy otra vez después de las Fiestas Navideñas y para hablar de "Lego", del Imperio de Lego y de las piezas de lego.  Mucha gente es aficionada a estas pequeñas piezas y construcciones así que ¡sepamos más sobre ellas!


Information from:  Speak Up magazine.

The simple ideas are often the most successful.  Take one Lego brick and then another and another.  Build a house. Take it apart.  Then build a car. Or an airplane. Or a robot. The possibilities are endless! Lego has been one of the most popular toys since it was invented more than 50 years ago. And it's been revived in recent years.  According to the analysts Brand Finance, it is now the world's most powerful brand. This year it replaced Ferrari at the top of the list.


A carpenter called Ole Kirk Christiansen started making wooden toys in Billund, Denmark in the 1930s.  He called his new company "LEGO", the name comes from the Danish phrase "leg godt", meaning "play well".  Later, Christiansen made plastic toys. And in 1949, he invented the first version of Lego. Since then, the Lego Group has produced around 560 billion Lego pieces, including minifigures and accessories.  It produces Lego sets with a variety of themes. These include cities, space, robots, pirates, trains, castles and dinosaurs. It also has special sets for babies  and older children. One of the largest Lego sets ever commercially produces is fo the Star Wars Millenium Falcon spacecraft. It has more than 5,000 pieces.


The Lego Group also produces board games, video games, books and films.  It has six amusement parks, eight Legoland Discovery Centres and 90 shops around the world. In 2014, Warner Bros released "The Lego Movie", about a Lego minifigure who has to save the universe.  The movie was an enormous success and a sequel is planned for 2018.


In June 2015, people in Italy broke a world record.  They built the tallest Lego structure ever -a tower 35 metres tall- using more than half a million bricks.  About 18,000 people built the tower in five days, and 50,000 spectators saw it. The biggest Lego model ever was of a Star Wars X-Wing craft.  It was made from more than five million bricks in New York in 2013.

The biggest Lego model ship is a replica of the magnificent ocean liner the Queen Mary.  It is around eight metres long and has more than 250,000 bricks. This summer, it was transported to the real Queen Mary in Long Beach, California and is there indefinitely.  So go to see it if you can, or get your own Lego bricks and start building. The sky is the limit!!!



-TO TAKE APART: desmontar.
-ENDLESS: infinito.
-TO REVIVE: recuperar.
-BRAND: marca.
-SET: juego.
-SPACECRAFT: nave espacial.
-BOARD GAME: juego de mesa.
-AMUSEMENT PARK: parque de atracciones.
-TO RELEASE: lanzar, distribuir.,
-OCEAN LINER: transatlántico.




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Hola mis queridos amigos, hoy quiero desearos una ¡MUY FELIZ NAVIDAD! en compañía de vuestros seres queridos y que el Año Nuevo solo os traiga cosas buenas.

Hi my dear fiends, today I only wanto to wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
I wish you the best to you and your family!

Salut mes amis, aujourd'hui je veux vous souhaiter JOYEUX NOËL AND BONNE ANNÉE!!!
J'espère que vous et vos familles serez bien pendant ces Fêtes et pour toujours!


¡Y muchas gracias por estar ahí! Entrando y viendo las publicaciones de este blog que espero os gusten y ayuden.

And thank you very much to everyone for entering and seeing my posts. I hope you'll like them and help you too!

Et merci bien pour entrer et regarder les publications de ce blog! J'espère que vous en aimerez bien et que je pourrai vous aider un petit peu!


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Hi my dear friends, do you like theatre? If you  think that everything is possible, read this post about the "Smallest Theatre in the world". It exists and it comes from Essex, Britain. I hope you'll like it! 

Hola mis queridos amigos. ¿Os gusta el teatro? Si  creéis que todo es posible, os invito a leer esta publicación sobre "El teatro más pequeño del mundo". Existe y viene de Essex, Gran Bretaña.
¡Espero que os guste!

Information from:   Speak-Up magazine.


The Smallest Theatre in the World started out as a joke in 1971, when English actor Marcel Steiner turned up at rehearsal with his new "Panther" motorcycle and sidecar.  This prompted director, actor and comedian Ken Campbell to excalim:  "Marcel, that thing is so big you could build a bloody theatre on it!"


In the space of a week the theatre was built and the two embarked on a tour of the UK, Europe and the US.  Early cast members included a young Jim Carter, who now plays the butler in the TV series "Downton Abbey" and the great late Bob Hoskins.  After Marcel Steiner's death in 1999, the theatre remained unused for many years, until it was taken over by the Grand Theatre of Lemmings, which restored it with money from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Arts Council.

Today the theatre is based in the Essex town of Manningtreem which is probably the smallest town in England!!!


David Danzing is a director with the Grand Theatre of Lemmings.  This company also runs "the smallest theatre company in the world", which is based in Essex.
So, what is that exactly?

**The Smallest Theatre in the World is a very interesting, peculiar bit of theatre because it sits on the sidecar of a motorbike, and it seats two people, so at first, when you hear about the smallest theatre in the world, you probably think it's a joke, but it is a real theatre and it puts two people inside and all the actors go inside as well, so it's very much a real theatre, but with just two people.

**The idea of the smallest theatre sprang up and it was partly because of a joke.  There was a friend of David Danzig  who is now dead, and he was rehearsing and went to rehearsals with a motorbike and a sidecar on the motorbike, and when he arrived at rehearsals the director said: "Marcel, that is big enough to be a theatre!".
And that's how the idea was born.  So Marcel went off and built  the theatre on his motorbike.


Of course, having an audience of only two people doesn't make great business sense but the tricky bit about the Smallest Theatre is that you have to entertain a big audience outside while you're still doing the show to the two people inside, and that's where it becomes very funny and very tricky because for the people outside it looks as though they're seeing the backstage where the actors are running around and changing their costumes and getting into all sorts of trouble, and quite often there'll be a joke played on the people inside, and the people outside know what's going to happen to the people inside, and they find that very funny, too.


The secret of the Smallest Theatre is to do a very big epic play in just 15 minutes in a very, very small space, so that way it becomes very funny, so classic shows are shows like "War and Peace", which is a massive show, but it has to be done very quickly and well edited, and our latest show is "King  Kong" because everybody knows the story of King Kong and King Kong is huge, so just getting King Kong into the theatre is very funny.


The next Smallest Theatre show might be "Jaws" because it's all about people trapped in a small space being attacked by a giant shark and monster!!  So that would be very funny, so at the moment, they are thinking about how they'll do "Jaws".


-THE TRICKY BIT:  la parte difícil.
-TO RUN:  dirigir.
-TO SPRING UP:  surgir.
-TO REHEARSE:  ensayar.
-BACKSTAGE:  bastidores.
-COSTUMES:  trajes, vestuario.
-GETTING INTO ALL SORTS OF TROUBLE:  meterse en toda clase de problemas.
-WELL EDITED:  bien montado.
-HUGE: enorme.
-JAWS:  mandíbulas.
-TO TURN UP: aparecer, llegar.
-TO PROMPT: provocar, dar pie.
-BLOODY: jodido.
-BUTLER: mayordomo.
-LATE: difunto.



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Hi my dear friends, today it's time to read so here you can see a fiction story called: The Mushroom Soup. I hope you'll like it!

Hola mis queridos amigos, hoy es tiempo de leer así que aquí tenéis una historia de ficción llamada: La sopa de champiñón.  ¡Espero que os guste!

THE MUSHROOM SOUP   by Nicola Mabbott.

The doorbell rang.  Sarah hoped it wasn't her ex boyfriend Mike.  They had had a brief relationship, but there was something about him that worried her, so she had decided to end it.

That had been two months before.  Since then he had been following her around, calling her several times a day to say sorry and begging her for another chance.  He hadn't contacted her for a couple of days, so she was beginning to think he might have given up.  Wishful thinking!!!

There was a good view of the visitor on her doorstep from the front bedroom window.  She tried to look out of the window from behind the curtain, but he looked up at just the wrong time and saw her. Damn! I'll have to let him in now, she thought as she saw Mike was looking up at her expectantly.

Sarah worked as a freelance translator and one of the companies she did translatios for,  sold CCTV cameras.  So, after negotiating a special discount, she had had a system installed in her home.  The price had been very fair, and "you can never be too careful,"  she had thought to herself.

She went downstairs and cautiously unlocked the front door.

-"Well, are you going to let me in then?"  said Mike.  "I've got something for you".

He lifted up the basket containing the four mushrooms he had picked for her.  She tried not to show how afraid she was to be alone with him.  At least the CCTV system made her feel a bit safer.

MUSHROOMS.  Last year she had translated a guide all about them for a large publishing company. 414 pages all about mushrooms.  Of all the translations she had done this had been the one that had fascinated her the most.  In particular the mushroom on page 15.
In fact, she had been so fascinated by it that she had asked her uncle, who knew all about mushrooms, to take her out and show her one.  And, underneath a chesnut tree in a wood near his house, he had pointed out a specimen of the same type as the four mushrooms in the basket.  If she had calculated correctly, just one of the mushrooms she was looking at contained enough POISON to kill both of them.

"90 per cent of people who die from mushroom poisoning are killed by this one type of mushroom," she had written in her translation.  "It takes around 48 hours for the poison to take effect."
"Wow, that one looks nice," she said, trying to sound enthusiastic, as she picked one of the mushrooms out of the basket.  She perfectly hid her disgust as she touched the deadly mushroom.

-"Yes, it's a real beauty,"  he replied.

AFTER he had gone, she thought about what to do,  She decided she would take the mushrooms to the police station the next day.  She also had another idea:  chicken and mushroom soup for two.  She would call him and they would eat it together.  She wasn't going to poison him, just give him a shock.  It would have to be somewhere public where no  harm could come to her.  It was still mild for the time of year, so what about a picninc?  Yes, a picnic would be perfect!

She opened the fridge and took out a few edible mushrooms she had in there.  Then she took a can of chichen soup from the cupboard.  She cooked the edible mushrooms and liquidised them before adding the mixture to the soup.

She rang him later that evening and thanked him for the mushrooms.  "They were delicious,"  she lied.  "What about if I prepare a picnic for us tomorrow lunchtime as a thank you? We can meet in the park near my house".  There would be lots of people there, taking advantage of the unusually mild weather for the time of year, she thought.

-"Yes, that sounds good," he said.
-"Perhaps I shouldn't have given her the poisonous mushrooms,"  he thought. "She wants us to be together after all."

THEY sat on a park bench to eat. "It was a bit cool this morning, so I brought us some chicken soup", she said.  As they drank their soup in silence, he thought how well she seemed, considering she had eaten a large quantity of deadly mushrooms the night before.

BUT looks can be deceiving and he knew that the mushrooms were silently doint the damage inside her.  And before she realised it, it would be too late.

-"That was delicious," he said.
-"I'm glad you liked it.  It was homemade,"  she said.
-"Oh", he replied.  "Chicken soup, did you sait it was?"
-"Yes, well, actually chicken and..." she hesitated and smiled  "...mushroom."
-"Mushroom?"  Of course, it had tasted of mushroom, but he hadn't realised it until just now.
-"Yes, there were a couple of mushrooms left over from your basket," she said.  "So I cooked them and put them in to give it a bit more flavour."




-MUSHROOM:  champiñón.
-SEVERAL:  varios.
-TO BEG: suplicar.
-TO GIVE UP: rendirse.
-DOORSTEP:  umbral.
-CCTV (CLOSED-CIRCUIT TELEVISION): circuito cerrado de TV.
-TO LIFT UP:  levantar.
-TO HIDE: esconder.
-DEADLY: mortal.
-EDIBLE: comestible.
-BENCH:  banco.
-DECEIVING:  engañoso.
-FLAVOUR:  sabor.



miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2016


Hi my dear friends, I'm here again  with something that I'd like you to see and comment! I'd love flying into the sky inside a hot air balloon basket but at the same time, I am afraid of it! It's a very strange feeling so today I want to share with you this report about the  "Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, USA".  I'm sure that I'll finally do it! but I need to be encouraged enough!!!

Hola queridos amigos, aquí estoy otra vez con algo que me gustaría que viérais y comentárais, Me encantaría volar por el cielo dentro de un globo aerostático pero al mismo tiempo, me da miedo.  Es un sentimiento muy extraño así que hoy quiero compartir con vosotros este reportaje sobre "El Festival de Globos Aerostáticos de Albuquerque, USA".  ¡Estoy segura de que al final lo haré! Pero necesito estar lo suficientemente animada.

Albuquerque, USA.

Info from:  Speak Up magazine.

Imagine a hot air balloon, an enormous, colourful balloon with a basket, carrying people high into the sky.  It's spectacular!  Now imagine 600 hot air balloons, all in the same place at the same time.
That's what you can experience at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, which is the world's biggest ballooning festival.  This year it has been from October 1st to 9th.


The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta began in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 1972, with 13 hot air balloons launching from the parking lot of a shopping mall.

This was for the 50th birthday celebration of a local radio station.  It included a balloon race and was a great success.

The Balloon Fiesta became an annual event, and it got bigger every year.  In 2000, it had the most hot air balloons ever -1,019.  After that, officials limited the number of balloons to 600.


In addition to being the world's biggest balloon event, the Balloon Fiesta is also the most photographed.  It has its own area, the Balloon Fiesta Park, which is 365 acres, or the size of 54 football fields.

Up to 100,000 people attend each day of the Fiesta for a series of spectacular activities.  One of the most popular is the Mass Ascension, when all of the balloons launch into de sky in two waves.  Another is the Balloon Glow, when the balloons illuminate the night.


In the Flight of Nations, a balloon from each country represented at the festival launches to the sound of its national anthem.  It also carries its flag.  Hot air balloons come in all different shapes and sizes. The Special Shape Rodeo has balloons shaped like everything from flowers to dinosaurs and Elvis Presley.

The festival also has a series of challenges.  These include a long-distance race called America's Challenge.  Special long-distance balloons launch from the Balloon Fiesta Park and travel as far as possible.  The winning balloons often travel for three days as far as Canada or the East Coast of the United States.


Festival attendees can also enjoy concerts and other entertainment at the Balloon Fiesta Park.  They can visit the Balloon Discovery Center and the International Balloon Museum to learn about the history of the festival and ballooning.  And of, course, they can experience the rich New Mexican culture of Albuquerque.  It's a fun time for everyone!!!



-HOT AIR BALLOON:  globo aerostático.
-TO CARRY:  llevar.
-PARKING LOT:  aparcamiento.
-SHOPPING  MALL:  centro comercial.
-OWN: propio.
-UP TO:  hasta.
-TO ATTEND:  asistir.
-WAVE:  ola.
-GLOW: resplandor, brillo.
-ANTHEM:  himno.
-FLAG:  bandera.
-SHAPE:  forma.
-TO LAUNCH:  lanzarse.
-AS FAR AS POSSIBLE:  lo más lejos posible.




jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2016

MODERN LIFE / AN OFFICE WITH A VIEW/ Vida moderna / Oficina con vistas.

Hi my dear friends, I don't know  which your opinion about "containers" will be  and  about their use in our society  but after this reading, you may have a new and different one!!! ContainerVille is in London.

Hola queridos amigos, no sé cuál será vuestra opinión sobre los "contenedores" y su uso en nuestra sociedad hoy en día pero después de esta lectura, puede que tengáis otra nueva y diferente. ContainerVille está en Londres.


With the increasing demand for office space, and rising rental costs, London companies are looking for alternative locations.

Some of them are even setting up their desks inside converted shipping containers.  This is at a place called CONTAINERVILLE, which offers start-up companies and young entrepreneurs an affordable and creative working space in the busy British capital.


Designed by the Kyson architecture studio and let by The Estate Office Shoreditch, ContainerVille consists of 30 disused cargo containers, which have been converted into fully functional and modern offices.  They have been  arranged over two floors and decorated with colourful numbered front doors.

The full makeover includes glass sliding doors, a fitted kitchen, Wi-Fi, full insulation, soundproofing and access to a communal area with picnic benches, bike racks, toilets and showers.


These original offices also offer a nice view as they are located on the south bank of Regent's Canal (in London's East End).  They are near Broadway Market and are in close proximity to trendy Shoreditch and vibrant Hackney.

Renting one of the containers for a minimum of  six months costs 1,000 pounds  pcm (per calendar month), all bills included.
This is pretty reasonable when compared to other co-working spaces where you only have a small desk space and little privacy.  Each container can accommodate up to six desks, although most containers are occupied by small companies with an average of three of four employees.


ContainerVille tenants have the advantage of "having your own space while maitaining a sense of community", says development manager Phil Bouette, who plans to build another floor.

Since it opened its doors in September 2014, ContainerVille has proved very successful and it currently has full occupancy.  It attracts a wide range of small creative firms:  the types of businees present include fashion, design, music and TV production, pastry and carpentry.


One tenant, designer Paul Hamilton, shares Container 23 with his wife Julia.  They run a company called OneAnother that specializes in design and brand development.  Its client list includes ContainerVille itself, as well as Greenpeace UK and the famous magazine The Economist.

-RISING: en aumento.
-RENTAL: alquiler.
-TO SET UP:  montar.
-DESK:  mesa.
-SHIPPING: transporte marítimo.
-START-UP COMPANY: empresa emergente.
-MAKEOVER:  reconversión.
-SOUNDPROOFING:  aislamiento acústico.
-BIKE RACK:  aparcabicis.
-TENANT:  inquilino.
-PASTRY:  pastelería.
-CARPENTRY:  carpintería.



jueves, 14 de julio de 2016


Hi my dear friends, today here you can see a "fiction story" for you to read! I hope you'll like it!

Hola mis queridos amigos, hoy aquí tenéis  "una historia de ficción" para que leáis. ¡Espero que os guste!

From Speak Up magazine.

"JOANNA"  by  Nicola  Mabbot.

On paper, Robert was a dating agency's dream -he had a good stable job, he wasn't bad-looking and, of course, he was single.

And single was a word that haunted Robert.  Despite being successful in his career, he didn't seem to have much luck with women.  He suspected that the women he had dated we
re only inerested in him because he was rich and successful.  None of them ever had anything in common with him.  He was shy with women and tired of embarrasing silences, so he had almost given up on finding his Ms. Right.

One Friday two colleagues, Jake and Johnny, invited Robert to go for a drink in a pub in the town centre after work.  Robert didn't usually go out with them but that night, when they had asked him if he was coming, he found himself answering, "Why not?"

Later on they were drinking cold beer outside the King's Arms.  It was a pleasant summer evening around mid-July.  It had been a very hot day and the breeze was still warm.  But Robert wasn't really enjoying himself and was beginning to regret having agreed to come out.  On the other hand, Jake and Johnny were having a good time.  They had all had plenty to drink and his two colleagues were chatting to two girls.  But Robert didn't think much of the girl he was talking to.  In fact, he was quite bored and trying to think of an excuse to leave.

Just then another group of girls walked past their table.  As they stopped nearby one of the girls caught Robert's eye.  The wind gently blew her hair off her face.  She shone like a single star in the sky on a dark night.  He couldn't take his eyes off her.  Suddenly she looked down and caught him gazing at her.  He realized that he had been looking at her for too long and looked away quickley.

Somehow the group of girls got talking to Robert and his colleagues, and Robert found himself face to face with the girl, who introduced herself as Joanna.

"I haven't seen you here before.  Do you work at the hospital with Jake and Johnny?"  she asked.
"Yes, I'm a cardiologist,"  he replied. "What about you?"
"I'm a science teacher".

She was so easy to talk to, so unlike any other girl that Robert knew.  As she left, she gave him her mobile phone number.

Over the next few days Robert kept catching himself daydreaming about Joanna.  He hoped to see her again, but didn't want to appear too interested, so he decided to wait for Jake and Johnny to organise another night out at the King's Arms after work.

The opportunity arose the following Friday night.  Robert sent Joanna a text telling her he would be in the King's Arms if she wanted to join him.
"Yes, I'll see you at 8", was the answer.

This time it was a cold night.  A chilling wind had forced the drinkers inside the pub.  Joanna was in the pub when they walked in.  She was wearing the same black dress as the week before and she was with the same two friends.  He looked across the pub at her, anticipating a smile as she saw him.
But that night, being with Joanna just wasn't the same.
The look in her eyes was cold and unwelcoming, and the conversation was difficult.
Robert felt like ke'd just been woken up from a wonderful dream.  He thought that he must have only imagined the way Joanna's face had lit up when they were speaking the week before.  He left early, feeling very downhearted.

A week later, when his friends asked him if he was going out, Robert made an excuse and turned down their offer.  He went straight home from work.  His house seemed so big and empty.  As he was eating his microwave meal for one and feeling very sorry for himself, he received a message on his phone.
"The girl you met two weeks ago is here and asking about you! .Jake.

He hesitated for a minute before calling a taxi to take him to the King's Arms.  He was trying not to think about the strange experience the week before.  He wanted to make sure that he hadn't only imagined the girl from their first meeting.

Jake and Johnny were sitting outside and with them were the girls.  Joanna smiled radiantly as she saw him.
"Hello", he said.
She seemed to read his mind and laughed as she began, "You were here last Friday..."
He looked at her, puzzled.
"You saw Jessie."
"Who?"  he asked.
"Jessica.  She's my twin sister.  We're identical."
"I'm sorry,"  she went on, "please let me explain."

"The problem is that I haven't been on a date for two years...  You see, I had a terrible experience with my ex.  After a few weeks he started to scare me a bit. So I finished with him, but then he started stalking me."
There was still one thing that Robert didn't understand.
"So why did you send your sister?"  he asked.

"Well, I didn't want to lose the chance of getting to know you.  The first time my sister met my ex, she realizad immediately that something was wrong.  So I thought I would feel more comfortable if she met you and gave you the OK.  Can you forgive me?"


-DATING AGENCY:  agencia de citas.
-TO HAUNT:  perseguir.
-SHY: tímido.
-EMBARRASING:  embarazoso, violento.
-TO REGRET:  lamentar.
-TO CHAT:  conversar.
-TO SHINE:  brillar.
-TO GAZE: mirar.
-TO LOOK AWAY:  apartar la mirada.
-TO DAYDREAM:  soñar despierto.
-CHILLING:  helado.
-TO LIGHT UP:  iluminarse.
-TO TURN DOWN:  rechazar.
-TO HESITATE:  dudar.
-PUZZLED:  confundido.
-TWIN SISTER:  hermana gemela.
-TO STALK:  acosar.
-TO FORGIVE:  perdonar.